Tales of a “GHETTO” Keto-Pescatarian

Wheewwww it’s been a minute since I’ve written about my new lifestyle but if you read my post from a few days than you know I’ve been super busy with life! But I’m back and ready to give y’all some encouragement and a recipe.

I’ll start with the food first. I made blackened shrimp in garlic Alfredo sauce with pasta zero noodles. I made this meal because my stepmom had given me the sauce but because I don’t care for Alfredo sauce I was tempted to throw it away until I thought of how to make it into my own. So I seasoned my $5 bag of shrimp from Walmart with blackened seasoning and some Boom Boom shrimp sauce that I also got from Walmart for around $3. I poured the Alfredo sauce into a container and added some old Bay and creole seasoning as well as some pepper. I let both the sauce and the shrimp sit overnight in the seasonings so it could marinate into deliciousness! I sauteed the shrimp along with some mushrooms and onions in some coconut oil and put it to the side. In making the pasta zero,I just followed the directions on the back of the bag. When the noodles were done,I added the shrimp and the sauce to it and added some parm cheese and y’all I was in GHETTO Keto-Pescatarian heaven! The various seasonings really popped in my mouth!

Know you know I’m not the one to lecture you if you’ve fallen off the Keto-Pescatarian lifestyle so just start over when you’re ready and set small goals that you are comfortable with. I’ll be the first to admit that I had a biscuit a while ago and I refused to feel 100% bad about it. I can’t say that I wish I hadn’t had it because I was hungry and needed something to eat while on my way to my training class. The key to that is not being hard on yourself for being human and figure out a way to make it up. You can fast longer than you usually would or exercise harder or longer the next day. Also,don’t forget to drink your water,keep a positive attitude,and only compete with what you did the day before.

I also encourage you all to talk to your doctor about taking a multivitamin because,in my opinion,it’s definitely needed the older you get. I can tell the difference in my body when I take mine vs when I don’t. When I don’t take it,my body just seems to lag leaving me feel like I have no energy and my mind doesn’t seem as sharp. Remember to always consult your doctor before making major changes in your lifestyle:diet, supplements, exercise.

Remember,if you can budget for that dress than you can budget for your health!

Tales of a “GHETTO” Keto-Pescatarian

How y’all doing? A new week,a new day,a better health!! I wanted to reiterate why I call this Tales of a GHETTO Keto-Pescatarian. I’m a black woman in the low income bracket,with a full family and life who lives in low income housing. I decided to start my new dietary lifestyle after two MD visits that had me with high blood pressure. Thankfully,it wasn’t concerning enough that my doctor felt I needed meds but it was a wake up call for me to get my health in order. I begin to think about the amount of women within my community who also want to eat healthier but don’t think they can afford to or have the time to do so. I also know that black women, statically,are more susceptible to health dieases than our counterparts so while anyone can benefit from this,I wanted to make sure that low income black women would realize they could eat healthier and do some exercise when possible.

On keto,you eat little to no carbs and as a pescatarian seafood is the only meat you eat. I do both so I’m a Keto-Pescatarian. When I told one of my bestie’s that I no longer ate meat,she asked me to repeat what I said and got silent for a few minutes before we both laughed. The truth we have become to used to eating meat that it seems crazy when you tell someone that you no longer do. In all honesty,I was actually getting tired of eating meat so for me the transition wasn’t that hard.

This week I was craving baked Mac N Cheese but being on keto means little to no carbs which means no pasta so I used cauliflower instead plus I had some crab meat so I decided to add that to the mix. I don’t buy the crab meat from the aisle,I use the one in the seafood section but I’m sure the one on the aisle is still good. I got mine on sale a Harris Teeter for $9.00. I already had a big bag of mexican blend cheese because we love cheese in our household but I also bought a block of pepper jack cheese that was on sale for $2.00 at Food Lion. I also had to buy some cauliflower because I ran out and that was no more than $3.00,the whipping cream was no more than $2.00 and because I like my Mac a cheese a little on the spicy side,I also bought some jalapenos in the can for $.88 oh and some cream cheese for $.90. I combine the cheeses and mix it with heavy whipping cream and 1 to 2 eggs to make it all stick together. I cut my cauliflower into pieces and I let it boil until tender. While that’s boiling,I get my cheese mixture heated up and of course I season as I go. After the cauliflower is done boiling,I drain and put in a bowl and I mix my cheese in with the cauliflower and then I add the crab meat into the mixture and stir it all up. I taste to make sure it’s delicious and the I place it my pan that’s already sprayed with coconut spray and put in my pre-heated oven that’s already set at 350 degrees. I let it bake until the cheese turns a slight brown and voila you have baked cauliflower and cheese with crab meat. You don’t have to follow my recipe for the sauce. You can make it how you want. Remember,make it work for you!!

My next favorite meal of the week was putting my Morning Star burger vege grillers and my Delight Soy chicken patties on the grill! For the bun,I used low carb tortilla wraps! Y’all remember I told you I don’t like avocados but since they’re a source of healthy fats,I eat them as often as I can by adding them to my food. So I grilled a few avacado slices as well and added them to my sandwich. So I had one of each and added a slice of tomato, cheese, lettuce,keto mayo,and some mustard. I love a good salad so with my vege burger and soy chicken I also had a side salad! It was AMAZING!!  Both products were about $5.00 a piece and while they don’t come with a lot in a pack,they are very filling. The tortilla wraps were about $3.50.

Oh and I recently discovered a few alcohol drinks that’s low in carbs. White Claw, Smirnoff Seltzer,and Barefoot Seltzer. It’s some others I can’t think of at the moment but they’re all pretty good to me. I’ve lost about another pound and a half and my blood pressure went from 150 something to 130 something! I still have goals to meet but my MD is definitely impressed and so am I!!

Remember,if you can budget for that dress,you can budget for your health!!

The Tales of a “GHETTO” Keto-Pescatarian

Welcome back! How’s everyone’s lifestyle change going? Just remember to keep to it and forgive yourself if you mess up. Keep in mind that your path of healthy living is for you to walk so ignore any negativity that may come your way and celebrate your milestones with an extra gulp of water!

DISCLAIMER:Always talk to your MD about your exercise program as well as any vitamins or supplements that you take. So last week I told you all that I’d give you insight on my exercise routine and what I ate. So here we go!!

Cardio is definitely needed to burn those calories and to keep that heart pumping. As I wrote before,I have a full life. I’m married with 7 kids in the house,I volunteer for 2 different advocacy type groups,and I try to make time for personal and professional goals so my life is full but I’m learning how to budget it just as I budget my bills. I usually get up early in the morning,between 5:30 and 6,so that’s when I get up to start my day. I drink some water,take my multivitamins,stretch,and put on my workout clothes which includes a sauna type of vest and pants because I have a hard time sweating and sweat is what helps you to lost weight. Where I walk/jog/run depends on how long I feel like driving. I’m not a fan of trails because I have a fear of snakes and where I live the trails can be wooded so I go to a park near my house that has sidewalk or a pathway or I go to a place here in Durham,called Duke Wall. I become bored easily so I try to walk 30 minutes to an hour and in-between walking I also do squats. Next week,I plan on seeing how I can carry my yoga mat in order to do push-ups and sit-ups in-between walking as well but for now,I just do those at home. I always suggest bringing your phone and earbuds with you because music seems to be a huge motivator for a lot of people. Also,if you have a bookbag/backpack laying around or something similar to it,I suggest putting as many cold bottles of water you think you may need during your time outside. Not only does the cold water help to keep you hydrated but it also can be a coolant for your back since it’s going to be against your skin!

I’ve been having fun in eating Keto-Pescatarian foods! I’ve decided to give y’all one or two recepies that I cooked throughout the week. I’ll start with avacado stuffed tuna salad because it was simple,fast,and inexpensive. I paid no more that $10 to $15 for everything. I got everything from Walmart except for the mayo. The avacado’s came 3-5 in a bag for no more than $4 and that was the organic ones! The eggs,which I buy anyway for us,and the onions,that I buy a bag of anyway, came to no more than $5. The items that I bought are items that I was buying before my lifestyle change except the avocados and these items are also come with more than just one. I guess if you want to be technical,you didn’t buy anything different but one thing that was an additional $4 to $6 including the tuna. Budget and perspective goes a long way. The mayo I bought was just by chance. I was in Food Lion looking for something and saw Keto Mayo and decided to buy it. This was about $6 I believe and it’s more of a want than a need. You can use regular mayo but try to find it as a light mayo and pay attention to the amount of carbs on the label. Now I’m not a Keto-Pescatarian warrior so I tend to be lax in the ingredients I use. I subtract the carbs from the fiber and that’s how I do the math for my particular carb intake. Try to watch the sugar percentage too but that’s also something I don’t stress over too much.

The actual recipe:Make your tuna salad as you usually would. I prefer the tuna packets over the can but the cans are cheaper. I love eggs in my tuna salad but you don’t have to do that. If you do,remove the yolk after boiling. I mixed together the tuna,eggs,mayo,some red onions,and add pepper and salt. I prefer sea salt or pink himalayan salt but again,this is a budget blog from a “GHETTO” Keto-Pescatarian so regular salt is fine just be careful about the amount you use. I cut the avacado’s in half,threw away the seed,and put the tuna salad in. I ate 2 of these with some zucchini noodles and my water! It was good, healthy,and delicious. Again,I’m not a fan of avacados but since they’re a source of healthy fats,I try to use them. When eating this dish I made sure to mix as much of the avacado with the salad as I could. I hope you enjoy this recipe. Let me know how you liked it.

My other recipe I’ll tell you about is my my creole, blackened shrimp with marinated zucchini,peppers,and eggplants. The mix I bought from the frozen food section of Walmart for about $5 and the shrimp was no more than $5. The seasonings were no more than $5 as well. I already buy butter for my family so that wasn’t an additional expense. Keep in mind,you don’t have to use the whole bag of shrimp or the whole bag veges so this is actually a 2 meal type of vibe. I prefer the shrimp to already have its tail off and deveined because I’m a woman on the go. I cooked the veges as recommended on the bag and the shrimp I sauteed with a little unsalted butter and added creole and blackened seasonings. I then added them together and voila you have a healthy meal! It was filling and delicious. Of course,I drank my water with my meal. Let me know what you think of this recipe.

Some pointers with your lifestyle and eating: whenever you get hungry after eating dinner,drink water. I keep a jug of water on my nightstand to drink whenever hunger strikes. Because I’m part of the low income community and I have a large family,I bought a lot of seasonings and other healthy foods along the way. Remember your budget is yours to work with. Don’t try to buy everything at one time. Despite what everyone says eating healthy for low income people is not an easy or affordable feat. When you have the budget to do so,look into unsalted butter, healthier salts,and so forth. Your healthy lifestyle is your journey to walk so don’t worry about the critics.

I also don’t mind sharing my weight. I started off weight 282 pounds and I’m now around 265 pounds. I feel so much better and healthier. I can’t wait to get on that scale next week! I hope you all are feeling better each day and that you’re progressing well in your new lifestyle.

See y’all next week for another blog from,The Tales of a “GHETTO” Keto-Pescatarian.

Remember if you can budget for that dress,you can budget for your health.