When Your Child is Sick

If you’ve been following me for a while than you know one of my kids has G.I issues and since birth has been in and out of hospitals from surgeries and clean outs. He’s now 6 years old and still going thru issues but he’s just smarter now.

When it was time to eat dinner last night he came downstairs in pain and all he wanted to do was sleep. I got down on his eye level (something that I’ve learned along the way)so he’d know I was listening and that I cared. I noticed that his stomach was protruded and realized he was backed up. So I have him 2 ex-lax chocolate squares and sent him upstairs to lay down. I fixed him some juice and mixed his prescription Miralax powder into it and took it upstairs. Between the time he went upstairs and me making that drink couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes and within that time he had fallen asleep. I woke him up,made him drink some of his juice, put a pull up on him,and some pads under him so that his poop wouldn’t get on the bed.

Y’all,my husband and I are use to going thru this but in these moments our unnerving questions and thoughts are always their. Did we give him enough of his routine meds? Will be have to go to the hospital? If so,for how long and how will we proceed? How will this affect his routine care? So on and so forth. The process is mentally exhausting for us and even more so for our 6 year old.

Gio,our 6 yr old,woke up around 4:30/5 this morning and knocked on our door full of remorse for pooping on himself. Let me write that again:our 6 yr old son was crying for pooping on himself based on a condition that he can’t help. As dad wiped him off to take a shower Gio told him how embarrassed he was and kept apologizing. We both told him that he had no reason to apologize for something that wasn’t his fault. After getting out the shower,he sadly thanked dad for taking care of him with a voice full of embarrassment.

Thankfully,we didn’t have to take him to the hospital this time around but that doesn’t mean we’re not exhausted,it means we get to avoid that part of the process. Gio is an amazingly resilient 6 yr old whose body has been poked,prodded,and examined more than the average adult but he’s still just a 6 yr old who is embarrassed by a condition that he was born with and cries when he has to be cleaned up.

We hate it here.

Sister Circle

Photo by nappy on Pexels.com

I had been looking for a way to get more brand noriety and to actually have my name at the forefront of something. I’ve been watching my bestie focus on her brand by doing live IG discussing different topics with different ppl and it inspired me to work on my brand even harder. I just didn’t know how to do so that would make me feel like I’m accomplishing something.
About 2 weeks ago I was on the phone with her and another good friend for a much needed sister circle. After the phone call,I went on about my day but couldn’t help thinking about that conversation with them and how we all need a sister circle.
That’s when an idea hit me and shared it with the 2 of them and they both loved the idea! So we’re all working together to make it happen.
This is huge for me because it’s something that I thought about and it’s coming to life!! I’m always happy to be included in my best friend’s positive moves but I have to admit it feels good to be able to include her for once! LoL!

Let me tell y’all,it’s nothing like the support and love of your sisters. They will go out of their way to make sure you are with them and that they’re with you. Your sisters are your backbone and your strength. They are there to tell you the truth about yourself and to wipe the tears away when you didn’t listen. I’m surrounded by beautiful black women and I’m so thankful for them every single day.

If your sister circle doesn’t make sure everyone gets a piece of the pie,than you need to change your circle

Stay tuned for more information!