The love of him and me.

It’s the feel of his hair as I lay on his chest that makes me smile. Hearing his heartbeat and his breathing as his chest goes up and down reminds me that his every breath is a moment of happy bliss.

When he stares at me,I see the undeniable love in his eyes. Even when he winks at me,I smile because our passion is in that one jesture of flirtation. Just writing about that one moment,gives me goosebumps.

When I’m crying from frustration,my past,or because of stress the gentle way his hand wipes away my tears reminds me that I’m not alone and that he he’s determined to catch me when I fall.

Even when we have disagreements and I can’t get my words out,he somehow manages to understand just what I mean and just hugs me as a way to bridge the gap that he knows I’m forming.

Late at night when we allow our unspoken passion take over,I’m reminded just how deep our souls are intertwined. With every kiss given to me,from head to toe,he wordlessly embraces my imperfections.

This man had caused me so much pain and heartache but I loved him as the boy he was. When I look at him now,he’s no longer the boy I loved,he’s the man I’m in love with. Pain turned into passion.

I wish I could put into words how deep our connection is or how I know he’d give his life for me but some forms of unbiased love can’t be put into words. It’s a sparkle of love that time won’t kill nor ignore.

As I look at him sleeping,I come with this conclusion…..we belong to each other on our best day and even more on our worst day. Their is no other soul or being that could match his energy to mine nor mine to his.


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