Your words and your actions.

First I want to say that we lost an amazing black actor who made us feel like we were right there with Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall,and James Brown. In the black culture,he played a huge role in wanting us to pack our belongings and move to this fictional Wakanda. In Black Panther,we saw how beautiful and diverse we were and are as a people. Chadwick, embodied what it was to be a strong black man who loved a strong black woman. He will be missed by all of us but especially his wife, family,and friends. We lost someone beautiful both inside and out and he will always be remembered.

I posted the above images for a few reasons. The first being that even though he was fighting colon cancer, he was still able to give those encouragement with his words and despite knowing he would be ridiculed,he still made a video. Do you know how much passion and dedication it had to take to show just how fragile you had become? Most of us won’t even take a pic without being in the right light but this man had the courage to go live in order to be encouraging. This is something that should put perspective into our lives. It should help us to worry more about our goals than we worry about the opinions and thoughts of others.

Chadwick was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2016 which means he probably had cancer before then but didn’t realize it. Since 2016 he’s made 10 movies,one of which is TBA (To Be Announced). Also let me add that his friends and family that knew he was sick also kept that secret to themselves. Anyway,he couldn’t have been feeling well every moment of every day that he was on set,yet he was still able to give himself 100% to every scene he was in. He gave interviews and appeared on various TV shows all while keeping his health issues to himself. He preservered through the pain in order to give us, his culture,his best. Listen k,I don’t know about you but looking at his example,I’m determined to keep giving my best with every blog,with every hour I do volunteer work,and for every person I deal with no matter what I have going on. His example makes me want to continue to work on my passion no matter the roadblocks.

Finally and even more importantly,I want to address those who talked about his weight loss in a negative way. I never saw him during his weight loss but apparently those who did were making jokes about him being a crack head,as if being addicted to drugs was anything to laugh at. Since his death I saw different people addressing those who had negative comments about his weight loss. This got me to thinking about my own verbal attacks in middle and high school. I was severely abused during those years of middle and high school. I had been beat so badly that I had to go to the hospital. I wasn’t fed every night and at times had to sleep in an enclosed back porch. I was also verbally attacked being called anything from a ho to a bitch. I wasn’t given the same name brand shoes or clothes as my siblings and because I didn’t have the know how,my hair wasn’t kept up like others so needless to say school was hard. I was smart and nice but kids in middle and high school don’t care about any of that. All that matters is your looks,your hair,your clothes,and your shoes. Nobody knew I was going thru pure hell at home only to go to school and be called ugly and be picked on. Sometimes the only time I got to eat or sleep well was at school. Having to face name calling at home and then at school made me attempt suicide a few times. I was in hell all the time and not too many people knew it. I hated being at home and I hated going to school. After a while,I became a picked on bully in high school and dared a mofo talk ish about me where I could hear it. I would stand up in the middle of class and curse you out because I had nothing to lose,my life was already hard. Those are the thoughts I had as I was looking at the posts about people taking about Chadwick’s weigh loss.

You actions and words can either make or break you and the ones you’re addressing. Your ignorance always hurts more than you think because you didn’t take the time to understand the ways before you reacted. Apologies are always helpful but sometimes it doesn’t help because the reinforced pain has already been established. It takes a lot for the victim to be able to bounce back from pain and it’s something we can’t nor shouldn’t take for granted. So remember the next time you decided to open your mouth or react negatively,that your ignorance could be the pushing point for the person you’re targeting.

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