Tales of a “GHETTO” Keto-Pescatarian

Heyyyyyyyyy everyone!! How’s tthe new lifestyle going? Anyone losing weight or inches? Are you feeling any better in any type is way? I went out of town with my husband and our 2 oldest kids just to relax at the beach. I was wondering if I would be able to still indulge in my new dietary lifestyle without being too tempted and I must say I did better than I thought I would. I did cheat a bit but it came back to bite me in the behind! LoL! I’mma tell you about it a little later. First I’ll tell you what I ate while I was there.

The 1st night was kinda difficult because I didn’t really take the time to research what restaurants would be open around my dinner time and as I wrote before I try not to eat too late although it happens more than I would like. Anyway,I go to the closest seafood restaurant I could find and ordered a salad and clam chowder….I know,I know it has potatoes but it was the closest thing I could find that had no meat. (SN:we went to Carolina Beach and I had no idea that we would be the only black faces everywhere we went. When I walked into the restaurant y’all should have seen their faces. Here I am with colorful clothes on and a mask that says,”Number 1 Queen”. The stares were annoying,yet expected). Okay,back to my experience. The salad was okay, nothing to write home about as far as the clam chowder goes…….I’ve tasted better clam chowder out of a can. When I first tasted it,I thought oh this is different but then when I took another bite,I realized just how nasty it was. It was kind of a catch 22 because I shouldn’t have been eating it but I still spent the money to get it. That night I ended up eating the mediocre salad and the cheese and veges off of a pizza.

Okay,so lesson learned and appreciated. The next morning I found a place that all of us could eat at and be satisfied. Give me a moment to tell you about that restaurant. For breakfast I had bought some Morning Star sausage links which is around $4 and I had spinach egg white frittata made by Garden Lites which was also around $4,and some blueberries. That along with drinking water filled me up until dinner. I know a lot of us drink while on vacation and I’m no exception to that rule. I had bought some Smirnoff and Barefoot Seltzer alcohol drinks that are also low carb. I’ll admit that at dinner I did order 2 mixed drinks that I know was high in carbs. Listen treat yourself and work it off later. The restaurant we went for dinner,again the only black faces,was really delicious. I had a salad, a squash mix, scallops,shrimp,and black drum fish and y’all it was delicious and very filling. *pic below*

I one recipe that I made was fried fish in my air fryer. It really wasn’t much to it. I used Swai fish which was about $6 from Walmart and almond flour which was about $8. I seasoned my fish the way I normally would as did the same with the almond flour. I sprayed my fryer with coconut spray and dipped the fish into the flour and then the egg wash. I put it in the egg wash(2 beaten eggs)and then I put it in my air fryer for about 20 minutes at 320 degrees. The length of time depends upon the thickness of the fish you use. I also think length depends on the type of air fryer that you have. The fish came out really good and without all the extra grease and I ate it with a side salad! I make my salad myself using a regular garden salad but I add blue and feta cheese crumbles,eggs,and some almond and cranberry mix. Y’all,I was in black “GHETTO” Keto-Pescatarian heaven!!

Remember if you can budget for that dress,you can budget for your health! See you next week!

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