The Black Woman

This Meg the Stallion situation with Tory Lanez has had me in my black woman feelings. We are at the forefront of every movement when it comes to black men but when it’s our turn to get that same energy,we are continuously let down.

When will she speak: Whenever someone asks that question I automatically know just how ignorant they are going to be. A victim is the person who actually received the trauma which means they are the ones who have to process the pain and that also means they should only speak when they’re ready to do so. It’s absolutely ridiculous that we want to rush the victim to speak,not caring that speaking before they’re ready could cause further trauma. We are absolutely selfish and I’m becoming more and more aware of it everyday. We selfishly want the victim to speak just to be able to get all the juicy details and to be able to call her a liar and poke holes in her story. I want you to take note that when black women rally behind black men,we don’t ask for them to hurry up and tell their story instead we offer comfort and love, patience and understanding,and healing and soft spoken words.

She’s lying. Something isn’t adding up: I can’t tell you how annoying those lines are even more so when they come from other black women. Meg came out and said she didn’t say anything because she wanted to protect this manchild. Is that really a foreign concept? How many of us have done the same thing? We have protected our man or our male relatives in some sort of way knowing they should have been in jail so it’s crazy to me that you forget that just because it’s not your story. Which part is she lying about? The part where he shot her? Cause if that’s the case,I need a reliable source that says he didn’t. What’s not adding up? I’ve seen comments saying her story keeps changing (I haven’t seen that) but if you took the time to look into trauma as you do into knocking Meg and any other victim,than you’d know how trauma affects the brain. Just in case you’re interested and you believe knowledge is power than here’s a link to help you understand: I want to point out again that when we rally behind our black men we don’t call them liars nor do we question their stories. In fact we go over and beyond,often times to our own sanity,to prove that they are victims and should receive justice. Mind you,we rushed them to tell what happened only to turn around and question them.

She shouldn’t have…….: For me this one is probably the most aggravating one. It’s because we have this habit of telling black women what they should and shouldn’t do instead of addressing the men who prey on and victimize us. It’s the whole “boy’s will be boys” but black women need to be modest in order to prevent themselves from becoming a victim. Nevermind that a sicko is a sicko no matter where we’re at or what we wear. What shouldn’t she have done? Not be at a party? Not be in a relationship with Lanez? It’s amazing to me that men are allowed to make these mistakes and are patted on the back for realizing their error but women are criticized beyond comparison. We can’t even show our anger or express our frustrations without being called bitter black women or made to feel that our natural feelings are the reason that black men run to white women. When we rally behind our black men we don’t say that they should have listened to the cop or that they shouldn’t have been at a place or been around particular people. Black women make it known that it doesn’t matter where they were at or who they were with because it didn’t mean they were guilty or even deserved what they got.

When our black men are attacked, stressed,put in life and death situations black women have proven throughout history that we hold them down. We form protests,we make plates,we babysit,we start petitions and go fund me accounts to show love for our black men. We loudly scream,”No Justice No Peace” as we march beside our men. We go to jail with our fists raised high in the air proudly because we did what was needed for our black men. For hundreds of years we have protected our black men even to our death and for hundreds of years black men and their pick me’s have willingly thrown us to the wolves. This rerun is a show that we,as black women,are tired of and so I say this will all the black woman power within me and those women like me:GO EFF YOURSELVES.

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