I completely dislike this man

Our daughter just came into our room crying because she just found out she can’t live on dorm because of Covid-19. Do y’all understand how that made us feel? This young woman worked hard to finish highschool and to go to college and this man robbed her of something very important important for a young,black woman and that is to experience life outside of her norm.

Let me start off by saying I don’t associate with any political party because I think it’s all a joke and we’re all pawns in their game of power so this isn’t about politics for me,this is about lack of leadership and accountability. Yes,this virus started in China and I won’t even say that I know for 100% that China nor WHO did what they were supposed to but this man elected into office DID NOT handle this pandemic properly. Instead he decided to make it into a political debate,he called it a hoax,he didn’t want to wear a mask,he didn’t want the states to close and even now when cases are still rising he’s still advocating for governor’s to open states!

My baby came into my room with tears in her eyes,not because of her own doing but because this racist, narcissist,ego driven,non accountable having troll in office decided to strok his fragile,small fitted penis instead of rolling up his sleeves and being a leader. Isn’t he supposed to be a wartime president? I’ve always wondered how someone who didn’t serve in the war or even have the balls to be a man could call himself that! Our 3 yr old has more common sense that that dumpling sitting in the office right now. It is very important for low income black and brown boys and girls to experience campus living to its fullest. To know that it’s a life outside of struggling and barely making it. To experience things that college life offers to you and Trump along with his staff of enabling “yes” men and women took that from not only my daughter but all black and brown graduates of the class of 2020.

I have been homeless,abused mentally, physically,and emotionally. I have been cheated on,been a single mom,tried suicide multiple times,and have been addicted to drugs. All those things have left scars on my heart and in my soul but having my daughter come into my room with tears filled eyes is a pain that I can’t nor will ever forget. That creature in office cost my baby an important experience and I hope every he touches in his personal life, crumbles in his hands.

Our daughter came into our room with tears in her eyes.

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