Revelation:I’m a feminist

Ironically,it was my husband who made me realize that I’m a feminist or at least feminist-ish(I know it’s not a word! LoL) and after I thought about it,I realize he’s right. I think I was denying it because I aligned feminist with being these angry women who hated men and thought all men were garbage and not needed. All I saw were angry women who couldn’t get a man so they were dead set on making them all seem like these horrible monsters. I’m so thankful for being able to evolve beyond my ignorance and my need to be a “pick me” woman.

I completely believe in equality between men and women and that includes being just as sexually free to be with whomever ever they want. Yep,I think women should be able to date and sex whoever they want while looking for a relationship or not looking for a relationship. Statically women, especially black women, don’t make the same as their racial counterparts and even less than black men yet we are just as intelligent,if not more so,and we work twice as hard. Why wouldn’t any woman want to be a feminist?

Being a feminist isn’t just something a working woman should be,it should also apply to housewives. I think housewives aren’t given enough credit. Housewives make sure the bills are paid,the kids are straight,meals are done,clothes are ironed,and do their best to make sure they’re in the best shape possible so they can look good although they’re just as tired as their mate. In my opinion being a feminist housewife means you get just as much say,if not more,about vacations, finances,and she shouldn’t have to do all the house work or deal with the deals by herself just because she’s home.

Now,I’m not the type of feminist that believes she doesn’t need a man because I feel we were all created to need each other. When I was a single mom dealing with my boys, especially my oldest son,I thought that I could handle it all. I was completely wrong because it’s some things that only a man can relate to when it comes to raising boys. I ended up getting him a male therapist/mentor and he worked wonders with my son. I didn’t need a man in my romantic life but I needed one for my personal life. This also applied to when I needed car work done or to help with heavy things I couldn’t lift. I called on a man to help me and he was needed for what I had going on. And I’m sorry,y’all but I’m not afraid to admit that my heterosexual self needs a man to touch that spot of glory. I don’t masturbate nor do I use dildos. I want and need to real thing. I need to feel the body of a man on top of me,below me,beside me,and behind me.

“All women should be a feminist because this world is stacked against y’all” that’s my husband’s quote. I 100% agree with that statement and I’ll also add that you don’t have to use another’s definition of being a feminist,make it your own and build from that.

I’m a proud feminist or feminist-ish and I’ll gladly tell anyone who has a problem with it to check their ego at the door and come back when to me when they get that chip off their shoulder.

4 thoughts on “Revelation:I’m a feminist

  1. True, feminism certainly applies to more than just a few “angry women”, though I think there are a strong range of views held within it. really I would go further and say that all men and those of other genders should be feminists too, as I think the concept should expand out of just women rights, but it should break down gender stereotypes which are hurting others.


    1. That’s a very true statement. Everyone should be a feminist because to be honest,women are what keeps this world going. We birth the world and raise children with or without help from father. We should be spoken up for and protected at all times.
      Thank you so much for commenting♥️


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