Your passion and your deadline.

This is my 1st post on my new website! I’m so excited about this because it’s confirmation that I’m headed on the right path. This blog isn’t just for entertainment,it’s also to bring awareness to different issues:mental illness,DV/SA, and other relatable issues. I have this passion in me to help my community and that community isn’t just where I live,for me it’s a community of victims, survivors,and overcomers from all types of trauma.

What’s funny is that I thought my passion was writing books,hence the name Author Catherine Scott,and while that is my passion, I also acknowledge that I may not be ready for that right now. Yet,here I am writing this blog and plan on doing it on a daily basis so I’m still a writer just not the one I set out to be! Sorry,I just got sidetracked. My passion is writing and helping so I’ve decided to combine the 2 with this blog!

Had you caught me 1 to 3 yrs ago,you would have thought me not finishing my book was the end of the world. I thought I was a failure as a person. I,like most people,thought that since I hadn’t accomplished my goal within a certain time or deadline,that it wasn’t meant to be. As I look back at it now,I realize how foolish and damaging those types of thoughts are. Thinking that way not only stops you from focusing on your passion but it limits the different ways you can achieve your passion.

A while back I attended a conference about DV and SA because those are issues I can relate to and are important to me(passion). I decided to volunteer for the Durham Crisis Response Center so I filled out the paperwork and waited for a response. I had the interview and after being approved,I attended their training class and became an advocate of sorts. I take phone calls from victims of DV/SA and provide a listening ear and resources. I love doing this.

A little while ago I was scrolling on social media and saw a post asking for interns to participate in community work. I filled out the paperwork and was accepted. This was something new for me but my passion to help the community in which I live made me put my anxiety to the side and put my best foot forward. I work with a team where we focus on bridging the gap between the residents/businesses of our community and the city of Durham. I love being able to engage with people.

My passion of writing and helping are what helps me to feel complete. I’m so happy I didn’t put a deadline on my passion because it gave me an opportunity to make it my own.

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